Product categories

punched HDF

Wooden screening panels 


Punched HDF (High Density Fibreboard) , thickness  3 and 4 mm .

Surfaces raw , lacquered or wood veneered.

punched HPL

Punched HPL  


Punched HPL ( High Pressure Laminate ) thickness 0,9 up to 2,5 mm.

punched alucomposite

Punched Alucomposite Panels


Punched alucomposite panels , thickness 2.5 up to 4 mm.

Surfaces alu glossy , alu brushed , RAL painted.

alu sheets

Punched Alu sheets


Punched aluminium sheet , thickness mm 0.8 , size mm 2000x1000

Surfaces  gold or silver anodized 

veneered chipboards

Semi finished panels


Veneered plywood , veneered chipboards , plywood covered with HPL .

LED inserts

LED inserts


Add a unique visual effect to the furniture.

Are mounted inside the panels of which emerge on the surface.